Hear from churches and mission leaders as they discuss equipping for the Great Commission.

Network with those that are equipping for the task.

Around the world, local churches are taking greater ownership of their investments in missions. As more and more churches develop church-based training and field support structures, they desire more significant involvement in their members’ Great Commission work.

We believe it’s time for a dialogue between a range of stakeholders – churches, training facilities, mission agencies, and field practitioners – who are passionate about the Great Commission and committed to equipping workers thoroughly.

We desire to encourage partnership and collaboration between diverse teams, churches, and agencies for the sake of those without access to the Gospel message. The Discipling for the Great Commission (DGC) Network was born out of a commitment to work together, share resources, and continue to foster supportive fellowship.

The DGC20 event was organised and hosted by AccessTruth and Denton Bible Church.

In framing the sessions for DGC20, which focussed around the task of equipping for the Great Commission, the four categories of God’s Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship were used.

The W.I.L.D. framework, developed by AccessTruth, is a proven effective tool for evaluating the life, growth and fruit of a body of believers. Download the booklet



The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)


Brooks Buser worked in the field of corporate finance before moving to Papua New Guinea with his wife Nina. They spent 13 years there as church planters and translators among the Yembiyembi people. In 2016, upon the completion of the New Testament and naming of elders, they returned to the U.S. In early 2017 Brooks was named President of Radius International. Brooks and Nina have one son, and one boxer dog.


God's Word and Equipping for the Great Commission


Scot Keen has been teaching the Bible for many years. He serves as Interim Pastor at Skiff Lake Bible Church and is a professor and the Dean of Education at Ethnos360 BI, Jackson. Scot teaches several Bible and Theology courses, his favorite being Acts, Romans, Bibliology, and Soteriology. Scot is married to April and they have three kids. In his spare time, he goes hiking and deer hunting.


Identity and Equipping for the Great Commission


Ron has more experience in cross cultural engagement than he ever thought he was signing up for! He and his wife Kandy raised their children mainly in Colombia and Venezuela, but they also spent years in South Asia and Mongolia. For many years — and to the present — Ron has worked in the design and leadership of training programs that equip workers to serve in the Great Commission, and he’s honored to have the opportunity to contribute to DGC20 in its first ever conference!


Leadership - Being good instructors when preparing people for mission


David Holsten and his wife Natalie joined MAF in 2000. They were assigned to the country of Indonesia where they served in a variety of roles for the next 17 years. It was a time they cherish, full of many challenges and blessings. In 2018 they returned to the States for David to take on the role of President and CEO. David and Natalie reside in Nampa, Idaho, and have four children.


Life and Equipping for the Great Commission


Mike Scheer is the Missions Pastor of Denton Bible Church, TX. He has been on the Missions staff for over 20 years. Mike travels internationally to train national pastors and visit with missionaries on the field. He is married to Kerry and they have three sons. Although he is too old to play, he loves coaching his boys in the Denton Rec leagues.


Discipleship and Equipping for the Great Commission


Matt Hannan has been the Senior Pastor at New Heights Church, Vancouver, WA, for the past 28 years. He takes frequent trips to Indonesia, Slovakia and Uganda, training the next generation at New Heights to take their place in the Great Commission. His congregation has launched multiple churches that have launched others, now numbering over 350. Matt is passionate about reaching the least, the last and the lost with the Gospel. He is married to Cindy and loves hunting and fishing.


Equipping Effective Communicators


Mike G has lived and worked in many different countries around the world including Venezuela and Papua New Guinea. He is the author of Becoming Equipped to Communicate, a widely-used language learning resource for cross-cultural workers. Mike now works with Radius as the instructor for Culture and Language Acquisition and Coordinator of Curriculum Development. Mike is married to Michelle and they have four kids. Their latest adventure has been to learn Spanish as a family.


Inspiring and Equipping the Next Generation of Gospel Workers


John David is the Director of BMAA (Baptist Missionary Association of America). His doctorate tackled the tough questions of what makes an effective cross-cultural training program. John David served in Africa with his wife Kim and 2 sons and is now passionate about training the next generation of Great Commission workers.